Concert Review: Good Charlotte Live In Sydney


After a prolonged and anticipated wait, punk powerhouses Good Charlotte returned to Australian shores to rock out Download Festival 2018 and intimate sideshows located around the country. Joined by an abundance of special guests ranging from pop punk royalty Neck Deep to post-hardcore trendsetters Falling In Reverse, Good Charlotte got up close and personal with some of their most loyal fans at Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion.

The show on the 26th of March, 2018, saw Australian fans reunited with their favorite punk band for a night filled of old school hits and fresh new tracks. The night celebrated the evolution of Good Charlotte, showcasing songs from the self-titled album “Good Charlotte” all the way to songs off the latest release “Youth Authority”. After an exciting warm-up of four opening acts, the main event had arrived. As the lights dimmed, the crowd began to roar and the iconic opening to “The Anthem” played. It was clear the audience was in for an extraordinary night.

Throughout the night, Good Charlotte captured the audience, demonstrating that they can still rock a crowd after 22 long years in the music scene. Hits such as “Little Things”, “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl” and “Girls and Boys” livened the crowd and started chaos within the pits. However, this chaos reflected nothing but the passion shown from Good Charlotte fans. The setlist also showcased vintage GC songs including “The Motivation Proclamation”, “The River” and “Predictable” which sent even the tamest of fans into a frenzy. Never missing a beat, riff or line, Good Charlotte put on a show that could not be criticized.

Despite the all-round entertaining and lively vibe surrounding the pavillion, the Good Charlotte boys momentarily put on the brakes to use their voice and platform for good. Frontmen Joel and Benji Madden educated the crowd on the importance of women in the community and demanded that they show respect to all girls, whether they be at a show or in the office. This speech once again received a roar from the crowd, symbolising the agreement between the fans and the band.

As the end of the show grew near, the audience all knew what was to come. After a reflection of the night, an introduction of all band members and a special message for the Sydney crowd, it was time for the Good Charlotte boys to say goodbye, but not before they performed one of the most iconic songs in their discography, “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous”. There was certainly no complainin’ at the choice of the final song for the show and left the crowd buzzed and wanting more.

Overall, the Sydney sideshow hosted by Good Charlotte was faultless and truly showcased why they are still so prominent within the music scene today. For old fans, it only reinforced the reason as to why they loved them, yet it also gave new GC fans the chance to witness the passion this band puts into every show. Good Charlotte could be considered exceptional Charlotte due to their outstanding performances and connections with fans.

Written by Georgia Haskins

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
27-07-2018 3 mins read
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