CONCERT REVIEW: Knuckle Puck Get Sweaty With Their High Energy Show


​There's something really special about being at a proper pop-punk show, and those who gathered in Newcastle's Riverside venue on October 10th got to experience pop-punk shows exactly as they should be.

It may have been the hottest day of October so far, but the heat wasn't making those who had waited all afternoon for the doors to open lazy. As the room filled there was an excited chatter and an eager bounce in the steps of those itching for the lights to dim and the music to begin. In this room within the space of a few hours, strangers became family.

First up, came the band Movements who did a fantastic job of warming up the crowd who responded to their powerful, emotive performance with much enthusiasm. Maybe it was the skilled way they performed the songs while showing a raw, human presence that charmed the crowd, or maybe it was the way that they interacted, reaching out to them, speaking and encouraging them to immerse themselves in the experience, but they got these people moving. For someone opening up for a band with the reputation for rowdy crowds Knuckle Puck have, their confident presence was just what was needed.

Next up were Tiny Moving Parts and they brought a huge energy that blew the crowd 
away. They truly looked like they belonged on that stage. They used every bit of space they could but in a natural way - they weren't robotically trying to move, they just went with the music and their guts and it reeled us in. It was difficult to tear your eyes from the figures onstage jumping, head banging, pulling faces, and performing to a brilliant level while doing it. I have no idea how they caught enough air in their lungs to work out their bodies like that while playing instruments and singing at the same time but somehow they thrived at this challenge. I was definitely blown away by them.

Hearts were racing, feet were itching to move again, and eyes were glued to the stage in the hopes that the music being played over the speakers would dim, telling us Knuckle Puck were finally going to play. It's the kind of excitement where you want to jump on the spot or run around but don't want to leave your position or look away in case you miss something. 

The moment came and there was a sweet, sweeping feeling of relief mixed with a thrill that makes you feel like your heart and lungs are being tied up and squeezed, releasing the whoops and screams of excitement you would never produce outside of this very situation.

Dim lights and the solo presence of Kevin Maida playing the intro to 'Gone' at the stage's left teased what was coming. They were here, it was happening at last but we weren't getting the full blast yet. It was an expertly done move to really get the audience hyped up so when Maida was joined by his band members, the sound the crowd made was especially euphoric. 

Frontman Joe Taylor exuded a sense of power and control which was untouched by the incredible way he sang his heartfelt words and sprang around the stage along with the music with an uplifting sense of freedom. Commanding a room while spilling your guts is truly impressive and Knuckle Puck executed the feat flawlessly. 

Their humanity was on full display as they interacted with the crowd, thanking them for being there. Taylor was very open in talking about his struggle with being away from home during this tour, and you could feel those in that room becoming closer, being bound a little closer as he confessed that he learned that when Knuckle Puck come together to play shows, they're with family. You could feel a wave of affection and comradery fill the room at these words. We were family that night. 

We jumped together, screamed our lungs out together, and we sweat together in what was without a doubt one of the hottest, most energetic shows I've ever attended. Just watching the guys onstage glistening as a result of the intense outpour of emotion and movement from each and every one of them. You could almost feel your body aching on their behalf but in the best possible way. It was an adrenaline high like no other. 

Nobody wanted the show to end. At the calls for 'one more song!' we got our encore, in which every member of Knuckle Puck performed with a towel on their head to cool them and a grin on their faces of what could only be deep pride and great satisfaction.

Heading back to my hotel room I replayed the night in my head. My heart was still racing, I was hot against the cool night air, and I was truly grateful I was given the opportunity to experience what was truly a phenomenal evening. Knuckle Puck, Movements, and Tiny Moving Parts have my whole hearted approval and I recommend that if you have the chance, you should go to their shows. You won't regret it.

Check out the gallery of this show below!

​Written by Meg Campbell
​Tiny Moving Parts
​Knuckle Puck
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