Corey Taylor Offers Update On New Slipknot Album, States "I wanna do something that feels uncomfortable."


In a recent interview with Metal Wani, Corey Taylor has further discussed what the future holds for Slipknot. In addition, Corey Taylor was also asked about the recent feud with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, on which he said:
"I think it was just him trying to get some attention. That's really it, because I don't even think about it. I think it's just him being really sad at life, and honestly I wish him well but you went about the wrong way to get some attention buddy."

While Corey Taylor's current focus lays with the upcoming Stone Sour release 'Hydrograd', people are very keen to find out what is coming up next when it comes to Slipknot.
Earlier this year, members from the band revealed that they'd start writing music in the early months of 2017, after which we haven't really received any updates.

Frontman Corey Taylor has the following to say about Slipknot's writing process:
"I wanna write something violent to be honest, I wanna do something that feels uncomfortable. I wanna go somewhere where we haven't been in a long, long time. I don't know what that means, but I think when I hear it I'll know what it is."

Corey Taylor has also offered a timeline on when next Slipknot is coming, and you're not really going to like this. It could be quite a while before we hear something from Slipknot again, as Corey Taylor shared the following:

"Nothing's going on, we ain't doing shit for two years. I'm doing Stone Sour, Clown's doing his movie thing, everybody's kinda doing their own thing right now. We're just kinda letting ourselves have some time away y'know? Which is cool, sometimes you just have to do that."

The entire interview Corey Taylor had with Metal Wani can be watched below!
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
27-06-2017 2 mins read
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