Danny Worsnop Doesn't Want To Become Legal Member Of Asking Alexandria Again


Danny Worsnop is currently touring with Asking Alexandria once again.
In addition, it has also been shared that Danny Worsnop will take the vocal duties for the next record upon himself.
Eventhough all of this, Worsnop has shared that he is not interested in becoming a legal member of the band again. This due to his busy schedule. He also says he'd like for the AA experience to continue to be fun whether than anything else.

This is what he shared in a recent interview with Kaaos TV!
(Transcription via Rock Sound)

"I don't have any interest in becoming a legal member again, just because there are so many complications with writing, with my album and with [We Are] Harlot, with other people I work with and my movie schedule."

"At that point everything becomes very political and I'd rather it just remain being fun. It's better for us that way because we can, as a group of dudes and as Danny Worsnop and Asking Alexandria, we can respectfully organise things. Rather than everyone trying to step on each others toes and everyone trying to be the most important thing, this way we can just be like, 'okay you're busy then so we can look at booking stuff for here because you've got nothing going on' and vica versa."

"When I left Asking Alexandria, it was for personal reasons between me and the band, everyone speculated on it being something musical but it was nothing musical at all. Obviously then with Harlot I was touring all of that year and it was during that time that I started writing for this album and I think I really just found myself. I found my sound, I found a way to access the music that was inside me and I think that's what this album's brought."

"They approached me asking if I'd do a tour, because they were left without a singer, and it was maybe about two weeks out from the actual tour so I didn't have much time to think, and then eventually I was just like, 'I've got nothing on, fuck it.' So I went and did one tour, and that's turned into two tours and we're discussing doing more tours now, and I signed on to do an album, so that's where we're at."

Danny Worsnop also shared that he's currently working on We Are Harlot's second album.
He's hoping that he and his bandmates can hit the studio to record this sophomore album this summer!
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
28-03-2017 3 mins read
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