DISCOVER: The Gray Vines, The Winter Sounds, Higher Education, and WOLVES Release Music Video

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The Gray Vines - The Gray Vines is an indie rock/alternative group from New Jersey consisting of Jake Hoffman, Casey O'Connell, and Jordan Bowen.

After releasing their self-titled EP less than a year ago, the band already released another EP this month, which features their newest single "See Me." 
With the track being about inequality, viewers will see footage of real riots and freedom fighters from around the world throughout the video.

You can check out the video to the fast punk rock track below:
The Winter Sounds - The Winter Sounds is an indie rock band from Nashville, Tennessee that currently consists of Patrick Keenan, Paul McKenna, Corey Dibiase, Joe Reilly, and Jake Haggard.  Just like their video for "Heartbeat," the video for their newest single, "Earth After a Thunderstorm",  takes place in the woods.

Back among the tall trees of Estonia, Keenan isn't alone. In this strange video, he's joined on his journey by a one-armed mannequin.  Within the video he dresses her, drives with her, drinks and plays cards with her, and even holds her hand and dances with her. 

You can witness the video for "Earth After a Thunderstorm"​ below:
Higher Education - Higher Education is a psychedelic rock reggae from College Park, Maryland consisting of brothers Danny Devaney and Petey Devaney, along with Bradley Wilson. 

Since 2010, Higher Education has independently released three studio albums. With their latest single "Gift Called Life", which will be featured on their upcoming album, the track perfectly describes their unique sound for someone who has never heard of them before.

Although the song is upbeat and fun, the song holds a deep meaning to Danny and Petey, because it was written in the wake of the Danny's father’s tragic passing. The positivity of the song is there because Petey wanted to capture the positivism that his father brought to the band. He was the band's biggest supporter and inspiration.

The meaning of the song is to celebrate everyday of life, because life is a gift, hence the title of the song. 

Check out the energetic video for "Gift Called Life" below:
WOLVES - WOLVES is a pop/rock/urban band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Marc Avery, Sean Carney, and Rockwell Sands. 

With the music industry being a difficult career, each member of WOLVES spent the last few years of their lives writing songs for other people in order to making a living.  But luckily, the three of them met at the right time and were able to create music that they all love.

With their debut single, “Animal”, the club inspired pop rock smash is perfect for anyone who loves multiple genres of music!

Check out the video for "Animal" below:
Written by: Melanie Gomez
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