Do You Want Mike Shinoda To Play A Show Near You? This Is How You Make It Happen

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Mike Shinoda shared that he'll be taking his new solo project to the road and is looking for your help to get him to play in your country, state or even your hometown.

He shared that his solo shows surrounding his new EP "Post Traumatic" will be like his Fort Minor shows: Just him on stage with his gear, but this time around, with a lot more lighting.

Shinoda shared the following about getting him to play a show near you:

"Here's how touring works, apart from me... There's agents and promoters who put these events together... The thing you guys need to know is: the more noise you make about wanting to see me play, THAT will impress upon the agents and promoters: 'Oh, we need to put that show together!' If all you're doing is listening to my stuff by yourself... then I appreciate you, but the agents and promoters don't see that as much. It requires you guys to make noise. If you share the music, call the radio stations and bug them on your social media, if you watch video shows, tell them you want to see my stuff, if you have a favorite playlist and you know who runs it, bug them! And if it's a magazine, a music broadcast online, like a podcast or a journalist... all those things help! The more noise you make outside of our little bubble, the outcome is the people putting on shows will be like 'Oh, Mike has fans here, we didn't know that' and start reaching out to schedule shows."

You can demand a show on this website right here.
Make sure that when you've demanded a show nearby, spread the word to your friends so they can do the same thing, too. Keep streaming Mike Shinoda's new music on several digital music platforms and don't forget to use the hashtag #PostTraumaticTour.

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