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It's been a while since we premiered this online magazine and the response has been overwhelming.
With our 1-year anniversary upcoming, we can't be anything but grateful.
Reaching over 1.000.000 pageviews, having over 300.000 people visit our website in the first year of existence is something we could never imagine in our wildest dream.

The future of Strife Magazine is uncertain when it comes to more online magazines or even offline ones, but one thing is for sure: Aslong as you keep reading our articles, we will most definitely continue to do what we're doing right now.
Previously we asked you for a donation when you wanted the magazine.
Everyone who did: Thank you very much!
Your support means everything to us.

From now on, the online magazine is accesible for everyone, everywhere.
All we can ask at this point is to give us a thumbs up on Facebook!
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