Exclusive Video Premiere: Kevin Tiah - "Who We Want To Be"


Kevin Tiah is an Australian a singer and songwriter who doesn’t limit himself to one genre of music. Listening to his latest single “Who We Want To Be”, the intro sounds like it’ll be a rap track at first, then the guitars come in and it sounds like a rock track, then Kevin’s rapping begins, and then he starts singing, showing off his clean and unclean vocals. Listening at first, we couldn’t help but wonder, “What genre is this?” But by the end, all we could think of is, “WOW this is so cool!”
As a songwriter, Kevin has the lyrics in the palm of his hands. And what we love about “Who We Want To Be” is not just his interesting sound, but the lyrics that he decided to share with the world.
With lyrics like “How do we, sleep, knowing that we bend the truth? / Is this everything the world really wants us to be?,” and “Why do we run from who we want to be / Is life just about fitting in? / I've tried pretending, all I need is trust in me / To be more like me and less like them,” you can clearly tell Kevin’s singing about the struggles of fitting in and feeling like you have to pretend to be someone you’re not. And let’s face it, almost everyone comes upon this struggle at least once in their life.
Yes, some people are able to be unique and proud, but some had to go through obstacles to get to that point in their lives. And some are still having trouble and start becoming someone they’re not just to fit in. It’s all a learning process. But trust us, you’re perfect just the way you are.

​So if you’re trying to be someone you’re not, please don’t. UNIQUE is one of the coolest things ever! And that’s what this song is about. Being unique and being YOU.
So if you ever need a mood booster, “Who We Want To Be” is that song!
If you’re into bands like Linkin Park and Papa Roach, you may enjoy listening to Kevin Tiah!
Check out the video for  "Who We Want To Be" below:
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
09-02-2018 3 mins read
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