Fall Out Boy Bring Pyro-Filled "M A N I A" Show To Packed AFAS LIVE


​Following the release of their latest record “M A N I A”, Fall Out Boy are taking their brand new record on the road for some massive shows across Europe. Just like every tour cycle since the band returned from the hiatus, they made a stop in Amsterdam and performed in the big venue AFAS Live (previously Heineken Music Hall). Just like every tour cycle since the band returned from the hiatus, we were there, loyal FOB fans that we are, but this time we were able to photograph the band’s stellar performance!

For the European “M A N I A” tourleg, Fall Out Boy are joined by Fueled By Ramen’s Against The Current, fronted by the charming Chrissy Costanza. We got to the venue on time to see Against The Current warm up the crowd for the main event of the evening.

Against The Current released their debut record “In Our Bones” back in 2016 and have been in The Netherlands numerous times prior and during the “In Our Bones” tour cycle. All of their shows here were headliner shows, so we’ve seen the band perform in small venue’s, but haven’t yet seen what the band are capable of in such a massive setting. A fair share of FOB fans were familiar with Against The Current and their songs and they even premiered two brand new tracks live. Both the old and the new tracks were played in a stellar fashion and it made us very excited for the band’s new material. Chrissy Costanza knows how to entertain a crowd, whether big or small and danced her heart our on stage while maintaining high quality vocals. Her dance moves and vocals reminded us of a young Hayley Williams and that is a comparison we don’t take lightly. Keep tabs on this band, as they’re moving to higher grounds sooner or later!
​The anticipation for Fall Out Boy return was one for the books. The band only comes here once every tourcycle, so it has been over 2 years since the band came to Amsterdam to play a show. Back in 2015, the band’s performance was wonderful, but unfortunately a bit stiff. They had screens with them, but other than that, they just performed their tracks, gave their speeches and went on with it. You had fun and the performance was great, but some of us weren’t entertained from moment one until the last note.

Enough about the past... let’s move on from American Psycho/American Beauty era to the new era: “M A N I A”.

Everyone with somewhat functioning ears know that Fall Out Boy are a stellar live band, we’ve known this for ages. Patrick Stump’s voice is one that comes along once per decade and his live vocals are just as enchanting as the ones on the albums. Pete Wentz is the charisma behind the band and obviously plays his part in the tracks splendidly, but also invests time in between of tracks to speech and interact with fans. Drummer ... knows what he’s doing and besides playing the Fall Out Boy tracks without a hinch, is also capable of rocking a fast-paced heavy metal song behind the drumset as he showcased on his brief drum solo. Guitarist Joe Trohman couldn't be present at the current tour, as he and his wife recently welcomed a new addition to their family into the world!
​Fall Out Boy, probably aware of their qualities as well, have added some aspects to their show and it honestly took the band to a whole new level. The band kicked off their show with “The Phoenix”, which they have consistently done since “Save Rock And Roll”. This track is the ultimate track to get fans hyped for the remainder of the show and nothing could be more true. This time around, the “Phoenix” was taken to the next level, with multiple pyro effects taking place behind the band members. “Phoenix” was quickly followed by “Irresistible”, which was accompanied by fireworks filling the stage.

Fall Out Boy continued their mixture of tracks from all era’s with the classic “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” which commenced with a loud bang caused by fireworks near the roof. This continued, with effects on the screens, fireworks, pyro, confetti cannons as the band raced through some of their best hits including “Centuries”, “Immortals” and the new “M A N I A” tracks “The Last Of The Real Ones” and “Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea”.
After the high energy “The Last Of The Real Ones”, it was time to take a step back as all band members except frontman Patrick Stump submerged from the stage. Stump performed an enchanting piano version of “Young & Menace”, which took the chaotic and electronic-fueled track to a completely different setting. After Stump finished up the wondrous piano version, drummer Andy Hurley and bassist Pete Wentz emerged on platforms in the middle of the venue, on which they were levitated above the ground. Andy Hurley performed a high-energy drum solo, which was quickly followed by “Dance, Dance”, “Wilson” and “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” while Wentz and Hurley remained to levitate above the ground on their platforms, giving the people on the balcony some extra love.

The special effects surrounding the band’s stellar performance maintained throughout the whole set and reached its peak nearing the end of the show, as “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” took the pyro game to the level that’s comparable to what I assume what the 7th layer of Hell looks like (in the best way possible).

Long story short, if you get the opportunity to see Fall Out Boy on one of the remaining shows on the “M A N I A” tour, take it and get ready to be amazed. Check out all the photos from Fall Out Boy and Against The Current in the galleries by Eva van Kuik below!

Against The Current

Fall Out Boy

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