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Fall Out Boy Discuss Stranger Things & BTS Collaboration

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"M A N  I    A" is so close! On the 19th of January, the band will FINALLY release their highly anticipated new record. Just before the release of the album, the band sat down with TRL to discuss a variety of topics, including the popular Netflix Original show "Stranger Things" and their recent collaboration with BTS' RM.

Discussing how they met BTS' RM, Pete Wentz shared the following:

"I was having my 9 year olds birthday party. I was there trying to avoid 9 year olds and I saw this group of kids walking in then there was another pack. I said 'what is this' and they said 'it's the guys from BTS'. He [RM] has to play Dance Dance Revolution everywhere."

Recently, we also posted about Stranger Things star Gaten Matarezzo who covered "Sugar, We're Goin' Down". This was also discussed. The band said the following:
"It's kind of like devestating that he's that talented at everything" Pete said before Patrick Stump added "I think he's singing better than when I recorded it".

The entire video can be checked out below!
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