Fall Out Boy, Green Day & Weezer Tease Tour With Cryptic Clues

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After stringing together hints, fans are waiting for the announcement of a collaborative tour from pop-punk legends Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and Weezer.

The groups haven't released an official statement yet, but small clues are leading fans to believe a tour called "Hella Mega" is approaching.

Green Day's vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong, started the hunt when he left a comment under "The Office" actor Rainn Wilson's Instagram post. Armstrong tagged Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Weezer's Rivers Cuomo with the words "Hella Mega."

This small clue led to the discovery of the website https://hellamegatour.com/ followed by matching social media pages. The webpage is bare except for a gif of Rainn Wilson and a password box, however, a password hasn't been revealed yet.

Later, fans began receiving random mail packages including interesting merchandise; mismatched photographs, names, and symbols of the bands on T-shirts.

Finally, Armstrong changed lyrics to the popular Green Day song, "Wake Me Up When September Ends", to say "Wake Me Up On September 10th." So something will be available very soon. Overall, pairing up some of the biggest names in the pop-punk genre is an exciting feat.

So stay tuned for (hopefully) more news today and let us know what you would think of this tour!

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