Fall Out Boy Release New Track, Announce New Album

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It's been a suspenseful couple of weeks with Fall Out Boy's enormous teasing.
First, they instructed their Chicago locals to visit the movie theatres to find a glimpse of what Fall Out Boy are teasing in the commercials before the actual movie. 
The announcement was made on the theatre screens that Fall Out Boy are making an announcement on the 28th of April. 
This announcement was pushed forward to the 27th of April, aka Patrick Stump's birthday!

The day has finally come and Fall Out Boy made their announcement at 5 PM (UK time) and here it is:

Fall Out Boy have released a new track!
The track is titled 'Young And Menace' and will be featured on the upcoming record which has also been revealed! The album is titled 'M A N I A' and will release on September 15th.

Check out the brand new track below or check out the music video here.
Pre-orders for the album can be done here.
Pete Wentz also opened up about the new record 'M A N I A' in a recent interview that aired today. Check out the entire interview below and learn more about the upcoming record.
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