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Fall Out Boy Send Fans On Scavenger Hunt For Unreleased Song

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Fall Out Boy came up with something very special for their fans in London this past weekend.

Via their official Twitter, the band posted a video of Pete Wentz hiding a shirt under a traffic cone with the caption "London - left a special surprise for you, even if you can't make the show tonight".

In fact, they hid three exclusive shirts somewhat close to The O2 Arena, the venue they played Saturday night, and thus sent their fans on a little scavenger hunt.

However the lucky ones did not only find a shirt at each location, it also came with a USB drive containing a previously unreleased acoustic demo of their track "Young & Menace".

Fortunately one of the fans was kind enough to share said demo on YouTube for all of us to enjoy and Fall Out Boy later tweeted out the link to that video, too.

So after this fun little adventure, you can check out the new "Young & Menace" demo below! (Spoiler alert: It's beautiful.)
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