Fall Out Boy Share Potential Song Titles, Reveal 'M A N I A' Progress

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In a new interview with Kerrang!, Fall Out Boy shared a few more updates regarding the upcoming record "M A N I A" which was recently pushed back to January of 2018.
In the interview, Fall Out Boy discussed the material they have already written and the titles that they have right now. Of course these titles may change, but still, it's awesome to see how far the band is at the moment and what titles they are playing around with. 

Here are the three tracks the band discussed and what kind of tracks they are:

'Expensive Mistakes' (described as a rock song with a 'Centuries' vibe to it).
'Heaven's Gate' (a ballad, described as being a 'unicorn song' by Pete Wentz with a title that may be referencing the infamously murderous San Diego cult of the same name).
'Real Ones' (big rock song).
Fall Out Boy are headed out on tour this September/October and will be announcing a tour for their European and UK friends soon!

Are you excited for the upcoming Fall Out Boy record?
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