Festival Review: Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria & More @ Paaspop


The first of many major festivals this year was Paaspop, the festival with a great variety of genres and activities combined with a whole lot of atmosphere, was hosted in the Easter weekend from Friday until Sunday. Due to lack of relevant acts, we witnessed the Friday of this venue and saw 3 bands live: Stick To Your Guns, Asking Alexandria, and Parkway Drive, who were one of the headliners of the day!

Stick To Your Guns kicked off their set and halfway through the first track 'Against Them All, frontman Jesse Barnett's microphone gave in, forcing the band to regroup backstage to try again once the difficulties were dealt with. After approximately two minutes, Stick To Your Guns' introduction echoed through the room again and the band members were welcomed back on stage. In an attempt to introduce the band AGAIN (as they already did before the mic broke down), Jesse Barnett couldn't keep a straight face and burst out laughing. Even with a dodgy start, Stick To Your Guns couldn't have been a better way to start the festival in a packed Jack Daniels tent. Many crowd surfers (despite the quite large photo pit dividing the stage and the crowd) floated around the room and the band was just as energetic, if not more.

Stick To Your Guns never fail to deliver a tightly executed, energetic and interactive live set. They were rewarded with a crowd of remarkable size coming out just to see them perform. After the set, we met up with frontman Jesse Barnett to discuss a variety of topics, among which the vegan lifestyle, the relentless touring life and new music. This interview will be with you as soon as possible!

​After killing a few hours seeing all sorts of performances, we were back in a bigger tent around approximately 20:15 to witness Asking Alexandria's return to The Netherlands with frontman Danny Worsnop, who stepped down and stepped back up recently. Something we were truly looking forward to! After a ten minute wait, the lights went out and the musicians entered the stage one at a time. The band obviously kicked off their set with 'Welcome', which was quickly followed by 'Dear Insanity'. From moment one onwards, fans in the tent were ecstatic about the band's return to the country and many of the festival goers were even repping the band's merch, making it quite obvious this was the band the fans came here to see. Danny Worsnop was welcomed back with open arms and sung better than he did the last time the band performed in The Netherlands. Slightly off to me was the fact that Worsnop altered the vocals on several tracks a bit, giving it a country feel and not screaming at parts where there is screaming in the studio version. This resulted into denying the fans screaming along some of the iconic lyric parts such as the 'OH. MY. GOD!' in 'The Final Episode', but hey, that's what live music is for.
The band performed a mixture of old and new tracks with an understandable and complete lack of tracks from 'The Black'. The band performed their tracks with excellence and the lighting was on point. Energy wise though, the band could've given more in my humble opinion.
All aspects combined, Asking Alexandria made a glorious return to The Netherlands. Along with certainly a lot of fans, I am looking forward to the band's return with a club show of their very own. Let's hope it happens sooner rather than later!

Full Asking Alexandria photo gallery courtesy of Emily Parry:
Closing the night with a headliner capacity, it was up to Parkway Drive to introduce the festival attendees to a performance of a lifetime. It's no wonder that Parkway Drive have managed to sell out venue after venue, while playing increasingly bigger venues as the years pass. Armed with an album that was engineered to be played in front of massive crowds, tracks from 'IRE', such as 'Vice Grip' and 'Crushed' were sure to have a severe impact on everyone in the crowd, both PWD fans and not. When the lights went out, the crowd was buzzing with excitement, while also trembling in their boots, not knowing what Parkway Drive will bring along this time. With their stage production becoming bigger and bigger, Parkway Drive shows will also leave you satisfied with an intense desire to go back in time to witness the performance again... and again... and again. Parkway Drive kicked off their pyro-filled performance with a classic: 'Wild Eyes'.
In a split second, the room was torn open and the security guards in the pit had a new fulltime job guiding crowdsurfers to a safe arrival from the hands of the crowd while the literal flames on the stage nearly burned off the hair on the back of their heads. This was a continued phenomenon right until Parkway Drive took 'a step back' for 'Writing On The Walls'. Mayhem was quickly traded-in for goosebumps, as the entire crowd was gasping for air listening to Winston McCall's emotional vocals complimented by the beautiful guitar riffs, which got progressively heavier throughout the song, together with McCall's singing. Nearing the end of the set, the band expressed their gratitude to the fans for getting them where they are now and took us back to the band's early years with a Rage Against The Machine cover, taking the track to a whole new level. Parkway Drive's set had everything you want to see at a headliner show and more. Deafening sound effects, fireworks, fire - so much fire - and moshpits across the entire packed tent.

Full Parkway Drive photo gallery courtesy of Emily Parry:
We witnessed the festival with all it's perks on the Friday only, while Emily Parry stuck around for a bit longer to also capture Anti-Flag through her lens!
This photo gallery aswell can found below! 

All photos by Emily Parry Photography
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