Frontman Of Band On Vans Warped Tour Goes On Misogynistic Tirade, Gets Kicked Off Tour


Vans Warped Tour: A place of mutual respect, a ton of learning opportunities, fun with friends and family and most of all, a hopefully awesome concert experience with some of your favourite bands.

Unfortunately, that didn't quite go as planned a few days ago when an incident happened during the performance of the band The Dickies. While the context of the rant hasn't been clarified yet, the content of the tirade frontman of The Dickies' spew is foul to say the least.

The musician goes absolutely off to a woman in the audience, calling her a 'fat fuck' and stating he has 'fucked farm animals prettier than her'.

Luckily, the date in question was the last date for The Dickies anyway, but in a response, Kevin Lyman has shared that The Dickies are kicked off the tour. 

When on a stage, acknowledge your position of power and never ever use this platform to make others feel unsafe or purposely harm them in any way. 

The foul rant that was spewed can be seen in the video below, aswell as Kevin Lyman's response to this 'unfortunate incident'.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
28-06-2017 2 mins read
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