Halsey First Woman To Top Billboard 200 Chart In 2017

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Halsey closed the first week sales of her brand new record 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' very, very high! She debuted on number 1 in the Billboard 200 chart and has been the first woman to accomplish that in 2017.

It's the first time for Halsey that she debuted on nr 1. on the Billboard 200 chart.
Her previous record 'Badlands' debuted on the chart at nr 2.

The album has been massively streamed and bought, in fact, the physical 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' album has been sold 76.000 times in the first week in the US.
Together with streaming equivalents, Halsey debuted the chart on nr 1. with 106.000 album sales.

Halsey took to Instagram to share this remarkable news with her fans.
​Read her statement below!
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