Halsey Is Already Working On New Music


Popbuzz recently did an interview with the rapper G-Eazy, who's currently dating the popular singer/songwriter. Halsey's most recent track has been a collaboration between her and G-Eazy under the name "Him and I". G-Eazy shared the following about Halsey's new music:

"It's about me (laughs). Nah, but for real, she's working on some stuff and it's incredible. She's amazing, she doesn't miss, I swear, like, everything is incredible. If she writes it, it matters. That's how she works. And if it doesn't, she moves on."

Get more details and the full podcast Popbuzz did with the rapper right here.

Are you excited for new Halsey music?
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
10-02-2018 1 min read
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