Halsey Releases New Single, Announces Upcoming Album


Graveyard is very different from Halsey's previous release, "Nightmare." The blunt, hard hitting track Nightmare will be accompanied by the mellow vibe of Graveyard. The bubbling undertones and clapping beats gives the song a groove to move to without overpowering Halsey's unique voice.

"It's crazy when
The thing you love the most is the detriment
Let that sink in."

Halsey's story tells us about her loyalty to someone with poisonous habits. It lets the listener question why we fight for someone that is obviously harmful. But Halsey unfolds the difficulty of staying away from someone you dearly love when they need help.

The next verse showcases Halsey's loyalty. Proving she will be there no matter what.
"I would've followed all the way, no matter how far
I know when you go down all your darkest roads
I would've followed all the way to the graveyard."

But she also wrestles with her devotion because people abuse the kindness shown to them. She sings, "The warning signs can feel like they're butterflies." It means even though you see their dangerous behavior, love can sometimes distort your response. That her emotions are unchanged even through everything bad that's happened.

The new track is part of her upcoming album "Manic" coming out January 17.
Until then, stream the single below.

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
13-09-2019 2 mins read
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