Heartbreak For The Browning After Milan Robbery

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Heartbreak struck heavy, urban rock band The Browning last night as they were involved in a robbery while in Milan, playing their fifteenth show of their Living in the Fallout tour, with support from It Lies Within and Blessing a Curse. The van the band were touring in was broken into in a mall car park while they were inside, waiting until they were able to enter the venue they were performing at that night, by two thieves who are known to local police and have been identified, but as yet not apprehended. The theft resulted in all the members of the band and their crew losing all of their personal belongings and show equipment, along with their work computers, which contained all of their files of work and demos which are now irretrievable, losses which amounted to over $10,000 USD.

​As a result, the rest of their UK/European tour has had to be cancelled, and the band will fly home to the US to re-record and produce all of the files they need to play a live show, and begin the 'process of rebuilding', according to a video made by vocalist Jonny on the band's Facebook page, where news of the robbery was announced late last night. The band have also set up a GoFundMe page along with a full account of the events that transpired, in the hopes of raising funds to help replace their lost equipment so that hopefully they will still be able to embark on their planned US tour in March.

While the financial toll on the band is hard enough, it is the emotional strain of losing 9 year's worth of work that has hit them all hardest, but in the description on the GoFundMe page, the band assure their fans that ' The Browning will not let bad things that happen slow us down. It fuels our fire and forces us to push on. We cannot express the gratitude we have for any fan that supports us in any way past, present, and in the future.'  And that support has been unprecedented for the band, whose $5,000 USD goal on their GoFundMe page was surpassed in little over 10 hours, with countless messages of support and encouragement to go along with the donations.

We sincerely hope that The Browning manage to recover from this awful incident and get back to touring and playing music as soon as possible. If you would like to show your support, either morally or by donating, links to the band's Facebook page where the announcement video was posted and the GoFundMe account are below:

​GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/TheBrowningTheftRecovery
​Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheBrowningOfficial/
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