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Here's The Twenty One Pilots Emotional Roadshow Setlist

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
01-06-2016 2 mins read


The Emotional Roadshow in the US has finally started!
Considering we received some requests from people who were very eager to find out the entire setlist, we figured we'd share it with you!

Here we go:
1. Fairly Local/Heavydirtysoul
2. Migraine
3. Hometown
4. Polarize
5. House Of Gold/We Don't Believe What's On TV
6. The Judge
7. Lane Boy

8. Ode To Sleep
9. Medley: Pantaloon, Fall Away, Johnny Boy, Forest, Addict With A Pen, March To The Sea & Kitchen Sink

Back to the mainstage for the following songs:

9. Doubt
10. Holding On To You
11. Covers Medley: Twist and Shout, Love Yourself & Jump Around
12. Ride
13. Stressed Out
14. Guns For Hands
15. Tear In My Heart
16. Car Radio
17. Goner
18. Trees

That's a long list!

Are you going to any of the tour dates?
​Let us know!
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