ROCK AM RING - IDKHOW Introduces Germany To The New Opening Band In Town

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Rock Am Ring, one of Germany's biggest festivals was held this weekend and we are so happy to have been present. The festival welcomed the likes of The 1975, Bring Me The Horizon, IDKHOW, Against The Current and many, many more. Rock Am Ring is held at the Nurburgring, a Formula 1 race track.

The location, as well as the team behind the festival, is impeccable, it is safe to say this year was a great success. We have seen performances of the greatest rock and metal acts throughout the weekend and will share our findings as well as the photos we took from each band.

We interviewed and saw IDKHOW perform in a very intimate capacity venue in Amsterdam just a week ago, but we were very excited to witness the band's greatness once again here at Rock Am Ring. The band performed already at 14:50, but at this time, the festival grounds were already crowded, with more festival attendees flooding in.

While IDKHOW performed a very special show in front of merely 250 people in Amsterdam, it's safe to say that already a couple of thousand attendees were watching Ryan Seaman and Dallon Weekes do what they do best: Theatrically performing new wave emo music.

The duo kicked off their set with 'Modern Day Cain', after which they made fun of themselves with the track 'Nobody Likes The Opening Band', referring to themselves as the opening band of the festival. IDKHOW released their debut EP earlier this year and introduced many attendees to their brand new music on this wonderful afternoon.

Check out all the photos Eva van Kuik took of the duo below and let us know if you are planning on checking out IDKHOW's live show any time this year.

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