Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch) Talks About Twenty One Pilots Concert That Never Happened

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Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody recently discussed concerts he went to and one of the shows he named, a Twenty One Pilots concert, never even happened.

So, bear with us here: In a recent interview with iHeartRadio's Bodhi, the band came up, as Moody explained that he had recently seen the duo live in concert, where they played "three new songs" as well.

However, as most of you are probably aware, Twenty One Pilots have not played any live shows in over a year, and the last time they did was way before they put out new material. Pretty odd, huh? (Pun intended.)

He also discussed a recent Imagine Dragons gig he went to, pointing out how much he enjoyed the show and not getting recognized by anyone:

"When I go to concerts like that it’s so refreshing for one because I don’t get noticed. That’s not really my crowd, right? I wouldn’t think. [...]"

"And watching them perform and seeing how at ease they were with their older material and how they came over whatever hump it is to play their new stuff but they mixed it in just right. And I thought it was front-to-back, one of the best shows I’ve seen."

You can watch the full interview including the hilarious twist below:
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