LIVE REVIEW: Khalid Gives Impressive & Lengthy Performance In Packed Ziggo Dome


With high anticipation, Khalid returned to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, the venue where he didn’t play for too long last time around as he wasn’t feeling too well. With the new album ‘Free Spirit’ under his belt, Khalid returned to Amsterdam for a great and lengthy performance. We are always open for new musical experiences and were very intrigued to see what an artist we don’t normally write about had put together for his live show!

It appears the fans did not mind too much, as the Ziggo Dome was very close to selling out, with more than 16.000 fans who got themselves a ticket for Khalid’s new show. This time, Khalid was feeling fine as wine and performed for almost two hours, which means that almost his entire discography was being performed in front of a massive live audience.

Khalid’s show was a portrayal of charisma, impressive dance choreographies from his group of dancers, and great live music made possible by the band Khalid had on his stage.

The focus of the tour laid of course with Khalid’s brand new album ‘Free Spirit’, but the singer-songwriter luckily also performed a bunch of songs from his 2017 effort ‘American Teen’. Over the course of the 2 hours that he filled, Khalid played an absolutely impressive amount of 26 songs.

Besides songs from both albums, Khalid also performed some of the collaborations he has recently been a part of, including ‘Eastside’ with Halsey and Benny Blanco.

To keep things fresh, Khalid also threw in some covers and, as the covers were big hit songs, got quite the response from the crowd. Throughout the show, the vibe Khalid gave off was incredibly kind, energetic and humble. He thanked his opening acts thoroughly and gave it his all the entire time he was up there.

Unfortunately, at some area’s in the Ziggo Dome, the audio was not as well as we have come to expect from the music venue. At these spaces, the music coming from the musicians was a bit too loud and noisy, so much so that Khalid himself was very difficult to hear. This was unfortunate since so many fans had familiarized themselves with all the lyrics and this made it a tad more difficult to sing and dance along. Luckily, this was only in a few areas on the side. The sound in the middle of the pit was completely fine.

At the end of the day though, this was only a minor disturbance, and the enthusiasm of both Khalid and his fans in the crowd made up for a lot. Khalid has earned his place at the top of the industry with his diverse music, his humble presence and incredible voice.

Check out Eva van Kuik her photos of the performance in the gallery below and let us know if you are going to any of Khalid’s upcoming shows.

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
02-10-2019 3 mins read
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