LA Holds Public Memorial, Co-Writer "Heavy" Shares Loving Words About Linkin Park


This weekend was another weekend filled with Chester Bennington memorial services.
All over the globe, fans are gathering in cities to memorize and celebrate Chester Bennington's life. This weekend, a massive memorial took place in Los Angeles, where Chester Bennington has lived for a long time.

In addition, co-writer of single "Heavy" has shared some loving words about working with Chester Bennington and the rest of Linkin Park. Here's what she shared:

“I’ve listened to Linkin Park for years. When I was growing up, my brother was such a huge fan of theirs, so it was always around in my house. So it was really cool, getting to work with Chester and Mike and Brad.”
“They were so excited about putting out new music, and just so happy and just so lovely,” says Michaels, “So it’s really strange that these circumstances have happened. I have a really hard time listening to the song now because of it.

Below you'll be able to find some videos and photos fans took at the memorial in downtown Los Angeles.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
08-08-2017 3 mins read
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