PHOTO REVIEW: As I Lay Dying Bring The Pyro On 'Shaped By Fire' Tour

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Following the release of the band's brand new album 'Shaped By Fire', As I Lay Dying returned to Europe to play some big shows all over the continent. Among the shows on the schedule, As I Lay Dying returned to Tilburg's 013, which is the second time in two years that the band have taken the mainstage of the venue.

For these shows, As I Lay Dying were joined by the deathcore giants Chelsea Grin, the almighty Unearth and the popular metalcore outfit Fit For A King.

Fit For A King kicked off the evening with an incredible performance, showcasing the band's catchy and heavy music paired with a good dose of showmanship with the bassist even dancing on top of the bars of the venue.

Check out some photos of the support acts' performance in the gallery below.

Fit For A King

Chelsea Grin

Finally, it was time for As I Lay Dying to take the stage to perform a string of songs from the brand new album. Of course, you can't go on the 'Shaped By Fire' tour without bringing some heat and that's exactly what the band did.

As I Lay Dying's music is just like Fit For A King's, equally catchy as it is heavy, and even invited Ryan Kirby (vocalist of FFAK) on stage to perform their song 'Redefined'. The band continued to play a mixture of songs from their discography.

Eva van Kuik was there this evening to capture the show through the lens and you can check out her shots in the gallery below.

As I Lay Dying

Sleeping With Sirens - Effenaar
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