LIVE REVIEW: Ice Nine Kills Make For Perfect Company For Friday The 13th With Horror-Filled Show

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This Friday the 13th was a special one for many reasons. One of those reasons was the fact that this Friday the 13th was paired with a full moon to give it an extra special flair.

The second and most important reason for us was that the theatrical horror-metalcore act Ice Nine Kills performed in Amsterdam as part of their 'The American Nightmare' tour. The band's most recent album 'The Silver Scream' is an ode to horror movies, as each song is inspired by a different horror movie, making this the absolute perfect night for the band's sold-out performance at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

With a setlist heavily revolving around the new album, Ice Nine Kills performed a total of 9 tracks from 'The Silver Scream', and an additional four fan-favorites from their 2015 effort 'Every Trick In The Book'.

It was no wonder that the show this evening was sold out weeks in advance, as the band have taken their live show to the next level. Besides their incredible new music, frontman Spencer Charnas' impressive live vocals and breakdowns that are 10x as heavy live as on the album, they also brought along a huge amount of props, masks from different horror movies and even an actress playing the role of Jason Voorhees' mother (From the Friday the 13th franchise) and a victim of Michael Myers (Halloween).

During their performance of the song 'Rocking The Boat', inspired by the iconic Jaws, a roadie in a shark costume came on stage, and for the performance 'IT Is The End', they swapped out Georgie from the movie IT for Mickey, who was taken by Pennywise (Spencer Charnas with a mask) to join him in the sewers so Mickey Mouse could float down there too.

If you are into theatrics and horror, Ice Nine Kills' current tour through Europe is THE place to be. They are also headed out on tour this October/November, playing shows all over the United States of America with Fit For A King, Light The Torch & more.

Check out the photos of the band's incredible performance in Amsterdam last night below and let us know if you are planning on attending any of the Ice Nine Kills scheduled shows!

All photos by Eva van Kuik

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