LIVE REVIEW: Melanie Martinez Plays Biggest Headliner Show In The Netherlands Yet


Melanie Martinez returned to The Netherlands for her second show in the country since the release of her popular sophomore album 'K-12'. In December, Martinez played a couple of shows across the continent to promote the release of the new album and to bring the epic new show production to a couple of lucky cities.

To kick off the year, Melanie Martinez toured the continent properly this time, playing shows in a whole lot of countries, but luckily did not skip The Netherlands even though she had already played there back in December. In December, Martinez played a 1500 cap venue, while this time around she played a sold-out show in Tilburg's 013, with an impressive capacity of 3.000. Martinez truly is on her way to world domination.

The show she put on was identical with the one in December, with a couple of improvements and adjustments. Martinez and her incredibly talented crew of dancers put on one heck of a show and if you want to read more about the production, you can do so right here

We are so grateful we got to photograph Melanie Martinez and her dancers once more and you can check out a proper amount of photos from the show right below in the gallery.

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
16-02-2020 2 mins read
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