LIVE REVIEW: Palaye Royale Return To Amsterdam For Biggest Headliner Show Yet

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Palaye Royale have had a tough month in January, but luckily, February is shaping up to be a lot better! The band are currently on the road again, playing in front of their own crowds, consisting of Palaye Royale fans and loving it!

Among those headliner shows was a show in Amsterdam's de Melkweg, in which they played a show just a couple of months ago. This time around, however, they played the big room, which has twice the size as the small room.

The band kicked off their absolutely ecstatic set with the popular track "Don't Feel Quite Right", which was followed by the band's currently most popular track "You'll Be Fine". Each track was greeted with a loud applause and an alarmingly loud chant by the fans who have been counting down the days 'till the return of the Canadian origin rockers. 

As glamorous as the band looked, each of the members with their very unique style, the band came to party - rock & roll style. Frontman Remington Leigh spent most of his time near or in the crowd, while maintaining his incredible vocals, which sounded as good, if not better than on the studio albums of the band.

The band showed their gratitude for the fans coming out for the show a couple times throughout the show, and you could almost feel a weight being lifted off of the band members Leigh, Barrett and Danzig. The rockers were welcomed with open arms and an enthusiasm that wouldn't die for the entire show. 

We feel fortunate to have witnessed the band's glamorous return to Amsterdam and were there to capture the special evening through the lens.

Eva van Kuik her photos can be checked out in the gallery below.​
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