LIVE REVIEW: Post Malone Takes New Album "Beerbongs & Bentleys" To Massively Excited Amsterdam Crowd

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Post Malone is currently on the road, playing the biggest of the biggest arena's across Europe. On this massive trek, Amsterdam couldn't be left out, and the artist took on the Ziggo Dome not once, but twice. Yesterday, Post Malone took on the venue for the first night and we were there to witness the incredible performance.

We've been to hundreds of shows, but all of those shows have been rock, metal or alternative oriented. Each show had several musicians on stage, even if it's just two (Twenty One Pilots), but even at the TOP show, the stage was filled with props, instruments and much more. Post Malone had a massive stage to move around on, and the stage aswell as the catwalk were completely empty. It was just Post Malone, his microphone, his dance moves and the special effects supporting his performance. While this made for a whole different experience, Post Malone stood on that giant stage by himself as if it was nothing.

We were taken aback by how natural Post Malone moved around on both the stage and on the catwalk. Even if it was just him up on that massive stage, with thousands and thousands of piercing eyes, Post Malone emerged on the platform with a drink in his hand and a laid back attitude. He came here to entertain the crowd for a solid hour and a half, and that's exactly what he did.

Everyone has heard one of Post Malone's at some point or another, as his discography is filled with tracks which are among the most popular tracks in the world, with his latest track "Wow." raking in over 269 million streams on Spotify alone in a time span of 2 months. What makes Post Malone unique is his voice, his showmanship and his charisma. Malone comes across as the nicest guy in the world.

Up on that stage, Post Malone makes his modern beats come alive with his own vocals, backing vocals and the accompanying fire, fireworks, smoke and iconic lighting, spawned from a beam dangling from the ceiling above the catwalk, not to mention the two gigantic screens left and right from the audience, who portrayed the artist from time to time, just enough to keep the effect special. The vibe surrounding the performance was mostly eerie, with dark light effects during songs like "Too Young" and "No Option". Tracks such as "Better Now" were accompanied by flashier lights and loud cheering.

The setlist, consisting of 20 tracks from Post Malone's both records and the two latest singles celebrated the massive impact of his career, while he's just getting started, with the performance reaching a hit during "rockster", taken from the first album "Stoney", where Post Malone took a guitar for the mere purpose of smashing it to pieces.

Prior to kicking off another one of the MC's most popular track "Congratulations", Post Malone speeched, sharing his wisdom with the fans, saying everyone in the room "kicks ass" and can do whatever they want. Closing out the set with an incredible performance of the track, with the whole shabang involved.

Post Malone ​is a showman of the highest order and we have the photos to prove it. Check out the gallery with photos made by Eva van Kuik below! 
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