LIVE REVIEW: Skillet Return To Tilburg To Introduce Sold-Out Crowd To New Album 'Victorious'

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Skillet, still one of the most popular rock bands as of right now, came back to Tilburg to perform a show surrounding their new album 'Victorious'.

Considering Skillet have a marvellous live show, it was no surprise that the show in Tilburg's 013 was sold-out weeks in advance.

With absolute anthems including 'Monster', 'Hero' and 'Feel Invincible', Skillet's live show quickly turned into a massive sing-along of 3.000 people.

Photographer Eva van Kuik was present this wonderful evening to capture the band's performance through her lens. Check out the photos she took in the gallery below and let us know if you are planning on seeing Skillet live somewhere next year!

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