LIVE REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots Make Their Glorious Live Return With Stunning "A Complete Diversion" Show

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Twenty One Pilots have been an incredibly important band to us for a long time now, as well as for millions of fans all across the globe. Not only their music, but their entire beings, their philosophy and interaction with fans is so outstanding, the duo have risen to the top of the music industry in a matter of a couple of years.

Their activity was highly appreciated, even when there were no shows nearby. The photos, the fanshot video of the iconic moments during their show made for an always-active clique, but unfortunately, all of that died down when Twenty One Pilots decided to go on their hiatus.

We've had to wait for over a year before the band made their glorious return live, so when that moment finally happened, we had no choice but to hop on a plane and witness the band's highly anticipated A Complete Diversion Show in London's 02 Brixton Academy. 

This show was so highly anticipated, that it had fans camping outside of the venue four days in advance. Guards from the venue would come out occasionally and chat with the die-hard fans, who then shared little glimpses of what the stage looks like. Two days prior to the show, rumours started spreading that Twenty One Pilots would set a car on fire on-stage.
Nothing could have been more true, as the iconic car as seen in "Heavydirtysoul" and "Jumpsuit" was featured on stage. The car was on fire which ignited during several tracks.

This would be the first time the band would ever play their new tracks "Jumpsuit", "Levitate", "Nico And The Niners" and "My Blood" live in front of an audience and let us tell you, they performed it incredibly. The band kicked off their set with the first two tracks mentioned, after introducing the set with Josh Dun in full Bandito outfit, holding a torch.
It's becoming crystal clear that the "Trench" era will be even bigger than the "Blurryface" era, as the band will take on even bigger venues all across the globe, and we just got a taste of what's to come tonight. The set, while shorter than a regular Twenty One Pilots set, included the iconic moments from the "Emotional Roadshow" shows, as well as some new added effects, such as the bandito outfit, the ablaze car on stage and that amazing handshake as seen in the video for "Nico And The Niners".
We are fortunate to have witnessed this incredible show, bridging the "Blurryface" and "Trench" era, and are excited what else the band can come up with for the massive Bandito shows, with high hopes that these shows will surpass even the A Complete Diversion.

Below, you'll be able to find a gallery of the band's performance, as captured through Adam Elmakias' lens.

Photos of A Complete Diversion by Adam Elmakias:

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