Mark Hoppus Shares Update On Blink-182's Upcoming EP, Shares New Music Comes In 'Nearish Future'


Blink-182 very recently released their brand new track Quarantine as a response to the current pandemic, but that is not all that Blink-182 have in store for us.

In a new Q&A on Instagram, Mark Hoppus revealed that the band is working on a new EP right now and that we can expect something new in the 'nearish future'. Here's what Hoppus shared via Instagram:
"We’re working on it today. Matt is going back into the studio with John to work on more songs. I think we have a tracklisting. We still need to finish these songs, get them mixed. We are a ways away still, but we are working on it.

These songs are dope. You guys are in for some dope new blink-182 music in hopefully the nearish future."

In addition, he shared that there's no deluxe edition coming for the band's latest full-length album 'NINE'. Hoppus feels that the new songs stand on their own, and that is not an extention of the 'NINE' writing sessions.

Check out some more of his answers via the Instagram post of Blink182Italia below and let us know if you are excited for new Blink-182 music!

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

Did you guys join Mark's socially distant vibing on the beach yesterday? He answered a lot of fan questions about new music! Here are the highlights. In a nutshell: • blink-182 is working on its upcoming late summer EP as we speak. • NINE Deluxe will never come out because these new songs do not sound like NINE b-sides. • Matt is obviously still in the band (pretty embarassing for the fan base that Mark was forced to address this imho) and in fact he's been in the studio with producer John Feldmann in the last couple of days. • There's a lot of unreleased Simple Creatures material waiting to be finalized and published. Make sure to watch all the slides for more funny bits and interesting info, including about Tom DeLonge! #blink182 #blink182italia #markhoppus

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