Matty Healy Opens Up About New The 1975 Material And More


 Bit by bit, we learn more about the upcoming The 1975 material!

In a recent interview with Zane Low On Beats 1 via Apple Music, The 1975 frontman Matty Healy shared some new information about what's to come.

The 1975 have a new record coming out called "Music For Cars" which will most likely drop on June 1. According to Matty Healy, the band is producing the record themselves, and also:

"We’ve got a video [...] coming out soon…I mean, we’ve never written with anybody, we’ve rarely even used other producers and this record because we’re producing it ourselves and engineering it ourselves [...]"

The singer has also adressed the subject of working with No Rome:

"I was working on his stuff and then his ideas, you know, were on parallel with everything that me and George were doing so I just wanted that energy in the studio, you know, and he’s been with us before. [...] We’ve been making the record for six months together, so he’s just been working away. It’s been so good, I've been trying to do the Kanye thing of like ‘give me all your best beats."

Aside from the upcoming The 1975 record, they also collaborated on a song called "Narcissist" for No Rome's EP "Loverboy Must Die" which will be coming out later this year.

You can check out the full interview with Matty Healy below.

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
25-05-2018 2 mins read
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