Melanie Martinez Discusses Next Music Video & Sophomore Album


In a recent chat with Fuse TV, Melanie Martinez talked about the plans for the future extensively.
Bit by bit, we get more and more acquainted with the direction the sophomore album is headed.
Today, we get to put another piece in the puzzle.

First of all, Melanie Martinez is determined to make a music video for every song on the debut album 'Cry Baby'.
There's a double music video headed our way for 'Tag, You're It' and 'Milk & Cookies'.
This video was been filmed but is at the moment still the editing process.
After that video, we'll still get three more music video's before Martinez will move on to the next record.

However, the next record is already in the making.
As a matter of fact, Melanie Martinez shares in this interview that it's "almost done".
There are still some things to take care off, but the majority of the album is already done.

The second album will be about Cry Baby again.
It will be about the place that Cry Baby lives in.

Let's hope these music video's come out fast so we can hear new Melanie Martinez tracks!

Check out the interview below.
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
31-07-2016 2 mins read
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