Here's Everything We Learned From Melanie Martinez' Q&A


After releasing a new video clip for her forthcoming album and movie, and revealing the release date for both of them, Melanie Martinez did a Q&A about the projects on her Instagram.

Here is everything that we learned from that Q&A:

  • The album will have 13 track
  • The movie will be an hour and a half long and is a feature film
  • There will be a tour to support the album
  • Melanie Martinez wrote and directed the movie herself
  • Melanie Martinez covered her tattoos for the movie because she wants to separate her as a human and Crybaby as a character
  • The movie is a surrealist/dark comedy/musical
  • She designed all the clothes with @.tinawhatever on Instagram. They are all custom made -The character in the movie is both bold and shy
  • The reason for the September release date is because of "Back to school"
  • There will be dancing in the movie
  • She developed the characters through astrology
  • The album will be very different than "Crybaby". It is more polished, much more grown and every song has its own thing but sonically/thematically fits together much better
  • The hardest part was shooting in a different country where diversity was an issue regarding casting

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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
29-05-2019 2 mins read
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