Melanie Martinez Rumoured To Release New Album This Fall


We've read many interviews in which Melanie Martinez discussed her upcoming sophomore album.
In this second album, Melanie Martinez will continue the story of Cry Baby, the character described in her debut record 'Cry Baby'.
On the sophomore album, Martinez will dig deeper in the environment that Cry Baby lives in.
More characters will be introduced and other topics will be discussed.

Melanie Martinez stated that she wants to release a music video for each track off of 'Cry Baby' first before working towards a release of the second one.
We're almost there! She's released music video's for every track except for 'Mad Matter', a video she publicly stated she's already working on.

A few days, Melanie Martinez spoke to some die-hard fans about the new record and revealed that the album is set to release somewhere in the Fall of 2017.
The details are being worked out and of course no official statement has been made so far, but this does sound promising enough to report it!

Check out the fan's tweet which spread the word below!
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
14-01-2017 2 mins read
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