Members Of My Chemical Romance Come Together For A Special Cause

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My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, Mikey Way and Ray Toro took the opportunity to unite recently.

The guys (minus Frank Iero) joined forces for Make A Wish America, spending time with fan Krystal Dunagan and her mother at the Huntington Library for tea.

Gerard shared a photo of the group on his Instagram, showing Krystal very happy about her wish coming true. Krystal also shared some snaps of the guys on her own Instagram account, and described her experience:

"Well, let me say this; they are the best. @ray.toro.official is a sweetheart, he likes classic rock and earl grey tea plus he has a kickass personality. @mikeyway is a cutie tbh he really is gorgeous inside and out. @gerardway likes the Pixies(great taste in music) he is a total teddy bear in all honesty. From the moment I saw him I felt totally welcomed by his aura! I got to chat with them while drinking tea and eating fancy food haha it was totally rad."

It is so good to see the guys together, still making people happy. Check out the sweet photos below.
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