LIVE REVIEW: Michael Malarkey Takes Brand New Album 'Graveracer' To Sold-Out Amsterdam Crowd


Michael Malarkey, known for his both his musical career as well as his acting career, took his brand new album 'Graveracer' to an ecstatic crowd in Amsterdam just a couple of days after the official release of the album.

The new album is a very important piece of music to Michael Malarkey, as he describes it as an cathartic album written in turbulent times.

The accompanying show was very laid-back, very chill and very entertaining. He took his time on stage when it came to re-tuning his guitar for a new song and casually chatted it up with the audience while doing so.

Malarkey's band is the same group of people who also recorded the album with him, which made for the group to be an extraordinarily well-oiled machine. Pair this with Malarkey's exceptional low singing voice and heartfelt, poetic and dark lyrics and you'll have the formule to a Michael Malarkey show.

Eva van Kuik was present this evening and photographed Malarkey throughout his set. Check out the photos she took this evening in the gallery below.

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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
19-01-2020 1 min read
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