'Mind Games', Music and More! Single Premiere: Acchy - 'Mind Games'


2020 has proven itself as a monstrous year, raiding us of the many things we were looking forward to. However, one thing continues to permeate throughout this despair; that being the uplifting nature of new music from some of our favourite artists.

Not too long ago, we here at Strife Magazine introduced our readers to emerging Australian artist, Acchy. At the time, he was in the midst of beginning his musical endeavours, but now- some time later, he not only carries his past progress with him, but the experiences of a musician shaped by a world of dramatic upheaval.


Today is the release-day of his brand new track, ‘Mind Games’. Certainly contrasting to his past work, this track becomes an exploration of new feelings; adopting moments of vulnerability and solace that ultimately juxtapose the grief and despair of a time like this.

Acchy explains;

“‘Mind Games’ is the start of a new era for me as an artist. I no longer want to limit my songs to a depressing tone, rather, I want to make music which can enhance the emotions you currently feel- whether that be happy or sad”.

Utilising his most powerful tool, Acchy demonstrates the power of music and its ability to enhance the situation at hand. Music is an indescribable escapism, which is why new releases come as such an essential stabilizer in times of hopelessness. As a listener, music has been integral to uncovering the positives within a future shrouded in uncertainty. Further to this, I feel it has equipped many of us with a necessary weapon against the overarching grief encompassing day to day life. Often, it is easy to overlook the effect that times like these can have on the musician, and in turn, how much their music can affect them too.

Of course, this new release entailed a process of hardships, and previously unseen challenges- especially regarding the limitations of COVID-19. However, Acchy did not view this as a disadvantage, but consumed the challenges with great confidence and newfound artistry;

“With COVID, I spent my time and energy in lockdown perfecting this song. Hence why there is a new standard of energy and quality I set out to create. I find the whole nature of isolation is very powerful in its potential to provide you with the time to pursue your dreams”.


For both myself, and readers who began listening to Acchy the first time we met him here at Strife, there is a stark difference in the production and composition of this song, seemingly fuelled by the determination to mould what would otherwise be wasted time, into something that truly represents him as an artist.

In fact, representation lingers as one of the many paramount aspects of a song, not only extending the musician’s morals and thoughts to the audience, but allowing us, as the audience to reflect upon ourselves through the ideas conveyed. ‘Mind Games’ is a track that does not simply call for this self-reflection, but demands it;

“Mind Games represents the apathy I feel for those who are negative towards my art. I would love to see this adopted by my fans, who can now relate to the ‘bad guy’ in their life through my song’.

This track is one of empowerment and positivity, powerfully communicating a greater message; that maintaining hope and self-assurance among times of grief and judgment is by far the most powerful tool one can hold.

‘Mind Games’, released today, is a powerful track celebrating the newfound lessons and artistic explorations of Acchy. Through its dynamic and moralistic nature, this track solidifies itself as the true marking of an artist fuelled by determination; an artist rising from the ashes that the world tried to bury them within.

Listen to ‘Mind Games’ by Acchy below!

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Georgia Haskins Georgia Haskins
23-07-2020 4 mins read
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