My Chemical Romance Start New Era With Short Movie 'A Summoning...'


Late last night, My Chemical Romance release a couple of teaser videos alongside the message to tune in to their website and YouTube today.

That time has since passed and we know what My Chemical Romance are up to!

'A Summoning' is a short movie with a lot of references to My Chemical Romance throughout the years.

The video takes you through the My Chemical Romance era's, starting with the earliest ones, and working up to 'Danger Days'. After the rundown of era's, My Chemical Romance shared the first look into the brand new era which will revolve around witchcraft.

Are you excited for My Chemical Romance's upcoming era? How did you like the short movie? Let us know via social media!

The video ends in a tour announcement for the US fans of the band. Check out all the dates at the end of the video!

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
29-01-2020 1 min read
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