My Chemical Romance's Teaser Video Gets Recognized By Shazam



A week ago, My Chemical Romance ended all our suffering by announcing a UK show (the first of three by now) with a mysterious teaser video.

The video was titled 'An Offering' and when at first, you Shazam'ed the song playing in the background, it would get no results.

However, overnight, people who did this last week, received a notification from Shazam, saying that the song has now been recognised as 'An Offering'.

What does this mean?! Stay tuned for more information!


My Chemical Romance are once again teasing!

They have posted a short video on their social media channels filled with what looks like star signs and a crystal ball emoji as caption.

What do you think this means? Check it out below and let us know!



My Chemical Romance have asked the fans to tune in to their YouTube channel, as well as check out their website at 8:35am PST/11:35am ES. In the last couple of days, a couple of apparent US tour dates have surfaced. Nothing confirmed yet, but perhaps this will be revealed at the given times! Check out the video they posted alongside the announcement below and let us know if you are stoked to find out what this is all about!

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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
28-01-2020 2 mins read
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