Netflix Reveals Top 10 Most-Watched Originals From Last Year

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Netflix has revealed the top 10 of most-watched series on the streaming service from the last year.

The list is made up of Netflix Originals and runs from October 2018 to last month and looks like this:

  1. Stranger Things — 64 million views
  2. The Umbrella Academy — 45 million views
  3. La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) — 44 million views
  4. You — 40 million views
  5. Sex Education — 40 million views
  6. Our Planet — 33 million views
  7. Unbelievable— 32 million views
  8. Dead To Me — 30 million views
  9. When They See Us — 25 million views
  10. Elite – 20 million views

Have you seen any of even all of these shows? Let us know by commenting on the article below or on our social media!

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