Netflix Reveals Which Shows And Movies We've Streamed Most During Quarantine

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Ever since we have been staying inside due to the Coronavirus pandemic, streaming services have seen a huge spike in their views.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the numbers for March 16 to 22 are over double the numbers from that same week in 2019.

They have revealed the top 10 shows and movies that everyone has watched these last few weeks:

  1. “Spenser Confidential” (Netflix) – 1.25 billion
  2. “The Office” (Netflix) – 1.23 billion
  3. “On My Block” (Netflix) – 1.14 billion
  4. “Love Is Blind” (Netflix) – 872 million
  5. “Criminal Minds” (Netflix) – 695 million
  6. “Grey’s Anatomy” (Netflix) – 653 million
  7. “Hunters” (Prime Video) – 612 million
  8. “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez” (Netflix) – 572 million
  9. “NCIS” (Netflix) – 570 million
  10. “Altered Carbon” (Netflix) – 425 million

Have you seen any of these? Let us know!

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