"New Album 'Scaled And Icy' Is DEMA Propaganda": The Case of a Curious Clique


Written by the critical thinking Clique member Caitlin. Find her on Twitter!

There’s so much happening in the Twenty One Pilots universe right now that it’s almost impossible to keep up with. Based off what we know, our beloved Clancy is dead, DMAORG has been terminated, and Scaled and Icy has been announced by the Blurryface twitter account. The clique spent today jumping through hoops to find clues. There are posters circulating the internet now in anticipation for Scaled and Icy, but there’s not much we know about the album itself and there’s been no official announcements made from the band or the label. Is the album real? That’s a question that almost everyone has right now, and a tricky one to answer.

Here’s my theory:

Clancy’s DMAORG account was located by the Bishops who were not happy with the exposing that Clancy had been doing behind their backs. They decide to terminate the account, deeming it “contraband” and confirming Clancy’s death with a series of numbers at the end of the termination notice, and the name 'Scaled and Icy' (which is an anagram for Clancy is Dead). We no longer have access to Clancy letters, or DMAORG. I’m still questioning whether we are supposed to trust and believe that Clancy is gone, or if they are using a fake death as distraction from a much sicker truth: that Tyler and Josh are being held captive in Dema. Perhaps, both these things are true.

The posters for Scaled and Icy show a DMAORG logo, as well as some fine print that could very well confirm that Tyler and Josh are in Dema. One major thing that stood out to me was this written in fine print; “The views and opinions expressed on this program are those of The Sacred Municipality of Dema and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the artist.” This means that the bishops and Dema are trying to assume total control of the narrative being made about them. They want to be in command of the messages that are being received by us, the banditos, to potentially lure more people into their vile world. The disclaimer, in a sense, confirms that while the album may be released by the band, it’s not really COMING from the band but from Dema. 'Scaled and Icy' is a continuation of the story of Trench, starring Dema’s latest captives; Tyler and Josh.

My personal theory is that 'Scaled and Icy' could very well be real, or it could be fake, and we won’t know until May 21st. However if this album is real, the true masterminds behind the album are the bishops, not Tyler and Josh. It is Dema propaganda, a theory which is backed up by the cover art for Christmas Saves The Year, their latest release. The wrapping paper has a nametag addressed to Clancy, and written in pink on a red background it states “SAI is Propaganda”. If the album is real, they have a very specific purpose with it and will be using it to take the story of Trench and Dema to new heights. I believe that following the release of this album, they will escape Dema, and another album will be released bringing the story of Trench to a close. This will be their break-free album, and a goodbye to Dema and the bishops. We will have to wait and see where the music takes us next, and we may have some questions that are never answered. All I know for sure is that the story of Dema and Trench is far from over.

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
05-04-2021 4 mins read
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