Oliver Sykes and Hannah Snowdon Have Reportedly Split


Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes married Hannah Snowdon not too long ago.
However, a few months back, the rumors started to surface that the two have hit a rough patch.
Both of them have been posting cryptic stuff on social media that led people to believe that the marriage between the two was over.

Oliver Sykes just posted on Instagram that Snowdon and Sykes have indeed split up & that has been like this for quite some time. He also states that he's disgusted by the fact that he even needs to write this, as it's 'none of your fucking business' says Sykes.

We're very sorry to hear the upsetting news about Snowdon and Sykes but do believe it's a bit of an odd way to respond to your fans. 
You can't call out your wife at several shows with a following of millions and millions of fans and not expect a response, right?

Either say nothing at all in public, or make a statement when it had happened and put it to bed.
This way it has been prolonged for quite some time, and the situation has gotten competely out of control.

However, people should never threaten another human being for something they have nothing to do with. (Or threaten people at all for that matter)
Whatever happened between Oliver Sykes and Hannah Snowdon should stay between them, so the fans nor the frontman himself should fuel this fire.

You can check out Oliver Sykes' Instagram post below.

(This post is about spreading awareness so people can quit the harassing of any of the people involved due to ignorance. We are not trying to disrespect the privacy of Sykes and Snowdon. The Instagram post was made to spread awareness and that's all we're doing here)
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
30-06-2016 3 mins read
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