'Orphan: First Kill' Will Not Be Using De-aging CGI For Esther


Orphan: First Kill, the prequel to 2009 horror movie Orphan has apparently not used any de-aging CGI to make Isabelle Fuhrman look younger.

The now 24-year-old actress will be taking on the role of Esther again, who was supposed to be a 9-year-old child.

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Co-star Julia Stiles talked to Collider about Fuhrman's transformation"

“I just went and did ADR., and I was floored. Because they didn’t use CGI. The tricks that they did with the camera and different perspective tricks that they had, plus her costume and prosthetics and all that, she looks like a child. And her performance is stunning, because she embodies a child too in the way that she talks and the way she walks.”

Are you excited for the prequel? Let us know!

Cane Hill
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Eva van den Bosch Eva van den Bosch
14-07-2021 1 min read
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