Panic! At The Disco Announced To Make Appearance On National TV

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Panic! At The Disco have been teasing for quite a bit now and it's so close we can almost taste it! The first date the band were teasing was the 19th of March (which is today).
Later today, the band are playing a very tiny show in Cleveland, Ohio for reasons yet unknown.

The second date that was being teased was the 21st of March, which is this coming Wednesday. We have found something that the band have planned for this day! While this appearance may not be all the band has in store for us on the 21st, it appears that Panic! At The Disco are making an appearance on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

Whether they'll be a musical guest or a regular one hasn't been shared yet, but chances are of course that the band will be performing live on the popular national talk show. Perhaps they will be premiering a brand new track on national TV?

Time will tell! For now, check out the The Tonight Show website to see that Panic! At The Disco are in fact scheduled to star in the program's episode this coming Wednesday. 
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