Panic! At The Disco Are Sending Fans Cryptic Messages And Packages


Last week, Panic! At The Disco posted a video on their Instagram story of frontman Brendon Urie brushing his teeth.. for three minutes..
In the video there was a digital clock in the corner, which was frozen on 3:19 for the whole 3 minutes.

Since tomorrow is March 19th (3/19), a lot of fans thought that a new Panic! At The Disco song is going to be released and orchestrator Rob Mathes revealed that the orchestral track we heard in Brendon's Instagram stories is in fact for a new Panic! At The Disco song called "King Of The Clouds".

Now, Panic! At The Disco have become even more cryptic (is that even possible?).
P!ATD fans have been getting packages in the mail of a bottle of "unholy water" with the text "Pray for the W!cked" on it and again a date or time on it: 3:21.

The packages are coming from a P.O. box in Los Angeles and when you google the address, you'll find out that it is the same address that you can send your fan mail to for the band.

Check out the tweet of one of the fans who received the package and stay tuned for more information soon!
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
18-03-2018 2 mins read
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