Panic! At The Disco Are Still Releasing Several Music Videos From 'Death of a Bachelor' Tracks


Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie recently had a chat with Billboard in which they discussed a few topics.
One of those topics was music videos and what was left in store as far as the 'Death of a Bachelor' era goes.
As most of you know, Panic! At The Disco will embark on another huge tour across the US in order to support the album that released early this year.

In addition, Brendon Urie would love to release a few more music videos atleast.
Here's what he said to Billboard:
It seems to be going that way, that wasn't the goal but...every month or so I start to think like "Oh this would be a fun song to do a video for". And then we just kinda shoot it bare bones, me and a couple friends and it just works out. But i dunno, yeah, I'll see, like, how far I wanna keep going with this. I think it would be fun to do at least a couple more.
That's loud and clear!
The band recently released a new music video featuring Will from Stranger Things for 'LA Devotee'.

​For which track do you want the next music video to be for?

Check out the music video for  'LA Devotee' below and let us know which track you want the next music video to be for!
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
03-11-2016 2 mins read
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